Vision, Assistive Devices, and Experimental Robotics Laboratory

Welcome to the VADER Laboratory at Lehigh University!

Founded in September 2003 by Prof. John Spletzer, the lab serves as an inter-disciplinary research center focused on advancing the use of field and service robots in real-world environments. Based in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science (RCEAS), the laboratory welcomes students with backgrounds stemming from a multitude of disciplines. These include but are by no means limited to: Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

Feel free to browse our pages. If you have any questions or comments, please email these to VADER Email.

What's New?

5 Dec 2014: Matthew Kilgore wins Outstanding Senior Project Award.
Congratulations to Matthew Kilgore who won the Outstanding Senior Project Award in Computer Science for "PyRo - The Python Robotics Framework." Matthew was advised by Prof. Spletzer
16 Sep 2014: UAV Research Presented at IROS 2014
Corey Montella presented his paper on RL applied to dynamic soaring at IROS2014. You can find the paper here.
25 Aug 2014: The lab welcomes Jack Keller as a new PhD Research Assistant.
Jack will be working with Tyler Trephan on our new USV project.
16 Jun 2014 2014: RoSCAR Project Featured at MobiSys 2014
REU Armon Shariati presented our RoSCAR project at the MobiSys 2014 Mobile Augmented Reality and Robotic Technology-based Systems (MARS) workshop. You can download the paper here.
19 May 2014: Congratulations Graduates!
Congratulations to new lab alumni Tashwin Khurana and Tyler Trephan. Tashwin has completed her M.S. degree, and will be interning with Bosch Research. Tyler completed his B.S. degreem, and will be staying as a graduate research assistant to head up our new USV project.
24 Apr 2014: Lab supports New NSF REU Site
Our group is heading up the new NSF CISE Smart Spaces REU Site at Lehigh University.
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